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Todos Santos Baja Facebook Roll Call


🙂 Some awesome facebook pages to follow 🙂
Todos Santos Community Association -ACTS

The Perfect World

Nomad Chic

Todos Santos The Band

Galeria Indigo

Hogar del Nino Todos Santos

The Hotelito Todos Santos

Todos Santos Writers Workshop

Baja Zen

Todos Santos Music Festival

Journal del Pacifico

Hotel California

Todos Santos Weekend with Wendy

Hotel Casa Tota

Shut up Frank’s

Festival de Cine Todos Santos


DIY Atmospheric Water Generator

… Been reading about this: 

on the blog and it led me to think of atmospheric water generators for household drinking water. Googled :They are spendy! This article shows how to make one on the cheap comparatively speaking. 🙂

Wish List : Piano Museum


I would love to visit the Piano Museum in Baja!
Here is a clip I found on Youtube of Moonlight Sonata being played by Maestro Nicolas Carrillo Castro at the Museum in El Triunfo

… also came across this fun Pinterest Board to follow, Artists of Baja 🙂