Helyn Rain, Songwriter, Actress, Live on the Music Daily Show Nov 8th

Helyn Rain, Songwriter, Actress, Live on the Music Daily Show Nov 8th

Helyn has performed her music during the Tropic of Cancer Music Series in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico and is a local favorite. Enjoy her streaming live for us this evening from Austin =)

Music Daily Press

Helyn Rain is a folk singer and storyteller from Driftwood, TX. Ten years ago, she moved to New York to further her acting and storytelling career. She left the city five years later and moved into a camper van. She then proceeded to travel the country, searching out vast deserts and hugging the coasts, learning to write songs. Her songs reflect this unpredictable motion and bring the listener deep inside these colorful worlds– simply, honestly and mysteriously. Other times, she hits you with a burner, lighting up the room with a clawhammer feel that seems to come straight out of her maternal Kentucky roots. Her voice is cutting, untrained but technical, intriguing and raw, and the girl knows how to tell a damn story.

Helyn Rain released her debut album The Night Between Us in February 2020 and her follow-up EP Pictures From the Dock in May 2020. She has…

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