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  1. I’d thought the government intended to press charges against Buck for what he said during the last night of the 2015 Music Festival (I was there), and thus he left the country. Is the government not pursuing those charges?


  2. Kevin I was thinking maybe that was what happened, not sure how long the email notices take normally, wish they were instantaneous! xx
    ps. I don’t know any of the official news on the festy/2015 subject but am guessing everything is all ironed out since he is back in town and performing at charity events …


    • I didn’t know much about Buck in 2015, though had educated myself about what Tres Santos was doing. He said what I and a lot of Mexicans and ex-pats felt was obvious, that the greed of a single company and the corruption of government officials at that moment posed a big threat to the town. He didn’t choose his words carefully. His anger and despair were obvious, and what he said was a rallying cry. Then the government stepped in, again behaving predictably. I’d only arrived in town a few months before, but the depth of the corruption of local, state, and federal governments, and its relationship to the problems this country faces, were already making themselves known to me. I didn’t have to look very hard. I’m glad he’s back in town.


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