Places to stay in Todos Santos


Was chatting with a friend today and she asked about places to stay in Todos Santos. Here are some of the links that I sent her, if you know of a place I need to add to the list message me! xo
Guaycura Guaycura

And talk to Bill or Perla at Ricordo Amigo for short or long term house rentals in the area
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  1. Hola Jenelle,

    Nice list. Off the top of my head, I would add:

    Todos: Posada La Poza Hacienda Todos Los Santos Colibri Casa Tota

    Pescadero: Rancho Pescadero

    And Cerritos: Cerritos Surf Colony Cerritos Beach Inn Hacienda Cerritos

    There’s a couple more. There’s so many places now it’s mind boggling.

    Cheers. A bunch of folks are going to El Mirador tomorrow at 6 pm. Y’all should go. I can bring your sunnies.

    Cheers!! Ann

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