Oh Gosh, Stalker Slacking


So much to catch you up on TS followers! Here are some pics to tide you over until I have a moment to fill you in. Top props at the moment go out to Chez Laura (The amazingly delicious affordable French Restaurant), Ricardo Amigo Real Estate and Rentals, Tres Marias Reggae Night & Pizza, Nomad Chic, Ganesh Shop, Gastro Vino Wine Festival, and La Copa Bar/Todos Santos Inn.
Link Love!

LasPalmas2 beachsun GS22 rockbeach OurOcean moresunset csunset Cactus bigwaves beachsun GS21 GS20 GS19 SallyPics2 SallyPics LasPalmas4 LasPalmas3 LasPalmas2 GS18 GS17 GS16 GS13 GS12 GS11 GS10 GS9 GS8 GS7 GS6 GS5 GS4 GS3 GS2 GS1 GS24 Flowers

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