La Poza Beach and Lagoon


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Dan and I visited La Poza today, a fresh water lagoon and beautiful beach on the outskirts of Todos Santos. We are on a juice fast so did not stop to eat at the restaurant but the menu looks delic 🙂 The path to the beach was a fun little hike over a rocky path in the hills, lots of great photo ops of lagoon and beach. Saw some pelicans, was pretty hot so I guess all other creatures were keeping a low profile to stay cool. Really a nice time, recommend!

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  1. Now I saw the pictures. Loved them the area looks great. Did you go into the fresh water? We will have to go there next time. O:)


    • It is funny, pretty much always 82-84 degrees in Todos Santos. Some days feel hotter when the humidity is up,like when storms are out in the ocean south of us, but it beats La Paz with their 110 degrees! We went there one day a couple of weeks ago for supplies, about an hour southeast on other side of the peninsula, and it was like being in an oven > with hot wind. The water has warmed up on this coast and it is like bath water, maybe 7-8 degrees cooler than the air, very nice and refreshing. 🙂


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