Dog Surf Competition


Just want to help spread the word about this fun event 🙂


9:30 am – 12:30 1st Annual Dog Surf Contest at Cerritos Beach to Benefit local dog rescue in Pescadero • Sunday, June 29, 2014. Sponser your favorite Dog for this competition, see the line up of competitors, woof! >


Sponsor a dog/Competitors

dog surf baja, surf comp Cerritos, Cerritos Surf, dog rescue mexico CALA was born in San Jose Del Cabo and has been surfing and swimming since she was 2 months old, surfing both San Jose breaks as well as Cerritos and Todos Santos area surf breaks. Cala LOVES surfing. She is now 4 years old.



dog surf competition, dog surf contest, dog surf baja
CHOCOLATE Chocolate’s owner is 4 time Mexican Surf Champion. Chocolate, AKA “Choco” is 2 years old lives in Pescadero. He has a lot of energy so it could go either way for him. WILD CARD.


dog surf contest, dog surf contest baja



PIRATA has been surfing for years. She is now 9 years old. She lives right next to Cerritos and spends most of her time at the beach. She has a determined attitude and gets really long rides and has even gotten barreled. TOP CONTENDER

ps. Stay out of her way.



dog surf competition, dog surf contest, dog surf, dog surf baja



BARAKA & Pups  (Team Baraka) Baraka and her 2 pups are in excellent condition. They all live near Cerritos and love the ocean. Brothers Hermes and Birote are both 1 years old.







playa los cerritos, dog surf competition, dog surf contest




KIKO is the owner of Cerritos Beach. He has patrolled the beach his whole life. His surfing is okay most of the time… except when he’s too preoccupied maintaining order on his beach.





dog surf contest Cerritos

KOA surfs and lives in San Jose del Cabo. His owner is a surf instructor and takes him out to surf often. TOP CONTENDER





bronko 2 bronko






Bronko is 11 years old. Not the most aggressive surfer in the pack… but sure wins a lot of points for cuteness and he just might charm the judges. Bronko was born in Spain. LONGSHOT.



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