Living in Todos Santos Baja Mexico


oh boy… I made it. I have so much to report! May not get it all in one post…. here is a smattering of the details…
Dan and I rented a long term vacation rental from Ricardo Amigo Real Estate here in Todos Santos.
The casa is furnished so we had a big Moving Sale and sold all of our non essentials. It would be him and I, nine cats, a fish, and a glass studio, not much room for anything else in our Tahoe. We purchased the Tahoe two years ago specifically for this trip, white, tinted windows, were gifted new tires by concerned and sweet family > without which we would not be here in Todos Santos today. More on that later.

We hit the highway leaving Olympia, WA on Interstate 5 heading towards the border early on a Sunday morning. We did the first leg of the trip straight through, hitting LA traffic was quite the most intense, well almost, epic event of the drive. Seeing the first palm trees of San Diego was awesome, and the trip across the border was amazing like eating a piece of cheesecake. Seriously, with all of the pets we were worried, but it was a breeze. We pulled into the declaration parking lot, went inside and got our tourist visas, even got a cursory look over, and then were passed through and into Tijuana we went. The culture shock came when due to a detour we got lost in Ensenada. The driving rules here are very loose and, well chaotic, but civil at the same time and it took some getting used to but as we had no choice, did the best we could an all came out ok. Got a hotel there for the night which was an added day on our itinerary but there is no driving at night in those desert hills. No light, massive twists and turns and crazy curves with no shoulder, and we heard that the critters like to come out at night and warm themselves on the hot concrete. So lots of resting up in the evenings on the Baja road trip. 🙂

We stopped in Guerro Negro the next night and ate our first authentic tacos. OMG, my mouth was in shock and hasn’t stopped eating them whenever it gets the chance.

The next night was spent at a very pretty inn on the water at Loreto, got an early start and made it through LaPaz and into Todos Santos mid afternoon on a Friday.

The desert was beautiful, the sea spectacular, the people friendly and helpful, and I teared up when I saw how awesome this Todos Santos town is. Lovely hills, lots of palm trees mixed with cactus and the sea is majestic. Wild horses came to our back yard for a carrot treat a few days ago. There are large jack rabbits cruising the sand dunes at the beach near our house. We made it to Cerritos beach for a swim last Saturday …. a 15 minute drive down towards Cabo, perfect waves, surfing, body boarding, and a long walk into the ocean at about waist high for swimming. Many more details that I want to share escape me at the moment so I will be back soon, with pictures and Todos Santos details. We were just able to get internet today, was a bit of a walk on the edge as our casa is on an off street, and by the way has no address. I love that.

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  1. It is great to get a little more info about your trip and life in TS. Cerritos Beach is awesome I am very glad you got there for a swim. Did you see the bright orange Casas we stayed at in January. You can walk the beach for forever. The hotel up on the hill you can walk up and tour. The view is wonderful. Looking foreword to pictures. Have a great and wonderful day in the sun.


    • Yes! Colorful beach! Reggae band, surfboard rentals, drinks on the beach…and while Dan was going back in for a dip I even had a chance to do some personalized shopping hehe. Was a surprise when a gentleman with a case full of silver jewelry came over to sell me something pretty… glad I didnt come with a prepared wallet lol. 😉 We are going to check out Las Palmas next, a more private secluded swimming beach… wont have to bring any mulah. ;~)


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